Nails Enhancements

Full Set

Regular Color $25 

Gel Color $40 

White Tip Gel $35 

Pink & White $45 

Acrylic Ombre $50 

Acrylic Color $45 

Liquid Gel $40 


Regular Color $20 

Gel Color $35 

Fill Clear Gel $25 

Pink & White $35 

Pink Fill-in $25 

Acrylic Ombre $40 

Acrylic Ombre 1 Color Fill-in $25 

Acrylic Color $25 

Liquid Gel $30 

Additional Treatments

Nail Repair $5 

Nail Design $5 +

Cut Down $3 +

Acrylic Take-off $10 

Dipping Powder Take Off $10 

Gel Take Off $7 

Callus Remove $5 

Tip for Dipping Powder $5 

Buff Shiny $5 

Coffin Shape $5 

Stiletto Shape $5 

Pointed Shape $5 

Matte Top Coat $5 

Regular Polish Change Hands $8 

Regular Polish Change Feet $10 

French Polish extra $5 

Manicure w/ Dip Powder extra $5 

Long Nails extra $5 

Manicure w/ Full Set or Fill extra $10 

Gel Color w/ Pedi, Full Set or Fill extra $15 

Natural Nail Care

Refresher Manicure  

Refresher Manicure & Pedicure $37 

Manicure Gel Shellac $30 

Manicure Gel French $35 

OPI Deluxe Manicure $30 

Dipping Powder $35 

Dipping Powder French $45 

Dipping Powder Ombre $50 

Gel Color only $20 

Gel French only $25 

Kids Menu

10 years old and under

Manicure $10 

Pedicure $15 

Polish Change $5 

Design $3 +


"We used spa liner and sterilize tools'
Additional $15 for gel polish.

Spa Pedicure $25 

(complimentary water, soda)

Soak your feet, toes clip/shape, cuticle grooming, exfoliating scrub & pumice stone, lotion lower leg/foot massage, and toe polish.

Tropical Pedicure $35 

(complimentary water, soda)

Soak your feet, toes clip/shape, cuticle grooming, callus eliminator treatment, tropical scent marine salt scrub, tropical scent masque & hot towel wrap, paraffin wax treatment, tropical scent moisture lotion massage, and toe polish.

Hot Stone Pedicure $45 

(Comp - Water, Soda, Wine)

Soak your feet, toes clip/shape, cuticle grooming callus eliminator treatment, scented sea salt soak, scented masque & hot towel wrap, paraffin wax treatment, hot stone lotion massage toe polish.

Volcano Treatment Pedicure $50 

The Volcano Spa Pedicure is a luxurious 5 step pedicure kit, formulated to provide clients a premium pedicure experience. Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators in the pedicure combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling explosion. Available in 6 alluring scents: tropical, orange, honey pearl, romance, lavender, green tea.


Eyebrows $10 

Upper Lips $7 

Chin $8 

Eyebrows, Upper Lip & Chin $25 

Sides of Face $15 

Whole Face $35 

Neck $15 

Toe Wax $12 

Underarm $20 

Half Arm $25 

Full Arms $35 

Half Legs $25 

Stomach $35 

Chest $45 

Back $50 

Bikini Line $30